First Day of School!

Today was my first day of school! It went pretty well. I tried something new, this year, and rather than diving right into the specific course curriculum, I taught a general course on Polya’s problem solving methods. I pulled some problems from “What’s Math Got to do With It” and gave my students a handout on Polya’s problem solving method from from Math Hombre.

I don’t think I explained Polya’s method very well, I just kind of went through the steps and I think my kids probably thought it was pretty lame, but I’m hoping that if I keep hitting it all year it will start to sink in. These kinds of things always seem so profound when I read about them, and then so lame when I go to say them in front of the class! Oi! šŸ™‚

In my discrete class (our first unit is statistics and where data comes from) I finished up by having them read an article about texting while driving, and had them use an AVID strategy called “marking the text.” They are supposed to wrap that up for HW if they didn’t in class and we’ll discuss it tomorrow. I have several other texting news articles for them to read, too (all courtesy of chance news) and we’ll talk about what the data is, where it comes from, and compare and contrast the data in the various articles.

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